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microscopeWe are a world leader in the development, manufacturing and application of fluorescence-based DNA detection technology. Our combined experience encompasses the beginnings of FISH to today, when it is a routine lab platform for molecular pathology and cytogenetics. FISH has become the gold standard to identify genomic variations related to loss, gain and translocations.
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Technical simplicity with unequivocal signal resolution allowing ease of interpretation. quote_end

Barry L. Barnoski, PHD., FACMG


Next-Gen Technology

  • Compatible Filters; Ease of Use; Familiar Protocols;
  • Unprecedented Analytical Accuracy
  • FFPE Technology that Overcomes Truncation (Patent Pending)
  • Deletion Detection Opportunities
  • Novel Direct Labeling Techniques
  • Novel Probe Design Based on Latest Genomic Discoveries 
  • Guaranteed Performance

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